Tell me you do not think of me,
I never cross your mind anymore.
Tell me, just tell me I’m not the one,
that we are over and done with.

Your hands do not miss my skin,
just fake it and say you moved on
that your eyes do not search for my smile.

Stars will never shine as bright,
tell me I’m not your guiding light.
Tell me to just give up this hopeless fight.

Night is crawling up your skin,
and all I can do is brace myself
another starry sky
another fall,
no need to pretend this time.

You know we always sin,
morning finds us in tangled in sheets
another sunrise
another smile
still we can’t put out the flame.

I could tell you my secrets,
all the reasons why I hide.
Tell you that I’m not doing so bad,
that everything I lost is all the love I once had.

But, if I did would you stay?
Would you hold me through the night,
or is it easier to run?
Being you the one that now holds the gun.

If you knew all the dark corners of my mind,
then I guess you would not call yourself mine.
Boy, I’m beyond caring
as I know it easy to be falling.

Tell me,
in the end
would you stay?
When nothing seems to go my way.

“Let’s runaway” you said,
before our love winds up dead.
But baby can’t you just see,
you will always be the one for me.

The city lights don’t scare me,
even if they’re not all I wanted them to be.
No matter the time nor place,
I will forever search for your face.

You are the one who pulls me up,
when I feel like I’m not enough.
Kept me sane when the world crashed,
giving me more than I asked.

So let’s runaway,
get blinded by the city lights.
Always call me baby,
and I know we will be alright.

You’re breaking my patience, every inch,
crawling slowly, getting under my skin.
Playing with me, playing with our hearts,
and still you complain when we are apart.

There no use for you to drop another lie,
we both know the easy way out is goodbye.
Still I can taste your lips at night,
and everything just feels so right.

As many stars as there are in the sky,
all my love will always be yours.
No one makes me feel this way,
even though your love is sweet and sour.
Even if it doesn’t work out between us,
we both know this is more than lust.
And we both know how to play the game,
while nothing stays the same.


Do never take me for granted
as I have known lust and fear,
been acquainted with peace and war,
and believe me I do not mind if I end.

No bruises will show up on my skin,
no heart ache will fatally break me.
I won’t crumble beneath all our sins,
there is no need for you to worry.