I might not be the mistake you want to make,
but nothing good comes from playing it safe.
Easy baby, don’t burn out the fire,
keep watching the flames and let our hope expire.

Still you underestimate me,
wondering if we could ever be.
We both know it is not gonna last,
but it doesn’t mean we got to go too fast.


You were no miracle,
no light in the sky.
Still I followed you,
down the darkest of nights.

You were no saint,
nor was I the light.
Still I held on to you,
clinging with all my might.

Hoping you would still shine,
never knew you were also broken.
We were dancing around
closer to eachother flames,
and you were still the one I had chosen.


Standing so close,
can you feel me?
Sure it’s been some time,
still you are on my mind.
Leaving me breathless with your smile,
I don’t need no drugs to get high.

Tell me you want me one more time,
tell me, even if it is a lie.

It starts with a whisper,
and it ends with your touch.
I try to remember,
but I know I didn’t ask for much.

Everybody wants to know
what really is between us.
How every night I’m under your skin,
they say I got you ready to sin.

Thunder and rain,
I tried to drown myself.
Wishing away all the pain,
still your touch lingers.

Let us forget,
why we are even here.
Let us remember
what we once felt.
Tell me once more,
than the magic is not gone.

Might be that it still rains,
and we are out of patience.
Might just be that it is you and me,
and we never learned how to be.