I can’t just hold your hand,
and disappear when the sun starts to glow.
Maybe tonight you will call me
we both know you always do
with alcohol in your blood
that’s when you’re brave.
Still I haven’t figured out
what from me it is you want.


Things turn around
surprising you,
spinning out of control.
I knew I would never have you
you weren’t ready to be mine,
still there I stood
against odds, against time.
Still we parted as planned,
nothing too serious,
never were we bound tight.
Now that I’m gone
you had time on your hands,
now that I’m back
I’m something you wish you had.
Don’t you remember we do not work
that’s us, before even trying we were cut short.

I could want you a thousand times,
still it does not imply that I want you to be mine.
I could crawl back to you,
even beg for a day or two.
But I’ve learned that your heart ain’t mine to keep,
so I will just watch you while you sleep.
And remember that light shines
and I’m only belonging to myself.
And that my darling is what is supposed to be mine,
I’m belonging to myself before anyone else.

I have always been the storm after the calm.
Still you dared to creep underneath my skin,
you said you’d hold on to me and be kind,
still you were brave enough until the ship started to sink.
Then you turned around and left me alone to swim,
heat gone, ice cold, you’re not next to me,
I wasn’t made to keep your body warm
still your touch lingers on my skin.