Something about you,
kept me coming back.
Some flicker of hope,
hidden between your eyes.
Now I know, it was all on me,
that we could never be.


Tell me you wanted me since the first time you laid eyes on me,
that beside me is where you were supposed to be.
When we’re far away, you miss my touch,
that I’m the only one you want close enough.

I could tell you that I really like it when you smile,
that you’re the one that I seek at night.
When you’re close time just flies,
that with you I would walk for miles.


There’s no safety in between these arms,
read my words once not twice.
Boy we are going down in confusion,
but we’re still shining bright.
On my knees you’ll never see me pray,
there is no fear for the upcoming dawn,
because at some point from you I will stray.

Sure life goes on,
doesn’t mean that to you I had to hold on.
Still your promises hurt
and you are good at disguising your words.
Now we are back to square one,
looking around each other like strangers.
It’s been a while
not sure if I feel the same
every time I look you in the eyes.

There’s no need for you
to believe you have to set me free.
I got confused but never lost,
still you’re the one to blame.
I might have misjudged you,
but I was never yours, you see.
Might have believed in us both,
but we were just a flicker of a flame.



Might need some self-control,
learn how not to burn.
For me you could have been it all,
but I was just another page for you to turn.
Expecting my heart to be calm,
ready to be put to the test.
And now here I am,
wondering where to go next.

I’m just one of those who endlessly hope,
my heart always stitched to my sleeve.
Not afraid to jumping the gun for love,
even though they always seem to leave.
Still, I wonder, will you be different,
will things go in another direction?
Could I take away your breath then?
as I do not seem to stir in you any affection.