You left as easily as you came by,
Left me wondering where I went wrong,
which now seems funny.
It wasn’t me who spoke out of tune,
did not wish you away at first change.
You managed everything all by yourself,
while you let go of me,
placed me back as a toy on the shelf.

I laid myself down on the line
for you.
Knew I could not keep you out of mind.
here I am,
thinking about all you said.
I have learned that in time,
you will get what you deserve.
That your words hurt more than I thought they would,
that I was too blind,
that it seem to be easy to forget me.


I thought I was brave
That I knew how it worked
That I was no stranger to love.
But you picked a part my soul
into tiny little pieces.
Every tiny part said something about me
I could love or hate it
But it is still me.
And you have seen the real me
Now I wonder what becomes of us.

I’m not up for another distraction,
still I always fall back on my knees.
Never knew this feeling before,
wondering if it will ever end.
you’re the only one I dream about.
Should not be falling every time
for the way you make me sin,
as you smile and say “please”.

I could settle down,
mend my own heart.
Still I hope you come around,
no need for us to be apart.
Told you time and time again,
I have learned to smile through the pain.
Still it might not make me wiser,
to lose myself when you smile.
Baby, baby, you keep pulling me down.
And I know I could settle,
with or without you,
I could do just fine.

Sweet words,
like fruit,
falling from your tongue.
Everyone of them
I believe and listen to.
Time is gone,
wasn’t sure of you,
still you stood there.
Waiting for the storm
to pass, to calm down.
For me to be safe,
so you could build up the thunder,
fill me up with rage.
You only know those sweet words,
clinging on to your own storm.