No answer

Smiles and waves,
your eyes makes me weak in the knees.
No need to speak,
just hold me close and breathe.
Hands all over,
would you tell me if I’m a bore?

Don’t answer,
don’t want this to end,




Army of Destruction

Slowly walking down the same old street,
aching inside me everytime it meets my feet.
My army of destruction is coming after me,
thoughts of arguing about how i’m supposed to be.

Gunshots damaging my brain,
on the inside i feel the pain.
Bullets searching through my heart
expecting to soon fall apart.

Rapidly pushing everyone away,
not listening to what i really say.
Hoping to find a solution,
before i come to a dead end conclusion.

Rage is living in my veins,
slowly burning my blood with pain.
Death eclipsing my mind,
realizing i’ve lost too much time.


How do I drown the pain I’m feeling? It lives inside me like a burning flame. It’s warmth spreading under my skin, everyday it gets more gasoline. Slowly creating a void inside me, filling me up with doubt and loathe. How come I can’t keep up? How come I can’t be happy?