The fall

And then it hit me,
hard as a brick, fast as lightning.
You really don’t want me,
so I don’t need to be fighting.

There’s no way you’ll keep me forever,
you never wanted me that way at all.
Don’t even know why I give it a thought,
maybe I’m staring straight through the fall.

There’s no infatuation,
still I’m scared of breaking.
It’s only in my mind all this situation,
I should just stay on start on faking,
then maybe you would fall for me.

Dawn, flicker of light

Dawn is crawling upon your skin,
I’m in your bed beside you.
Flicker of light trekking up your spine,
and I’m wondering what I should do.

I’m not sure if I want you to ask me to stay,
’cause my first impulse is to run away.
Your eyes telling me more than your words,
and I want to know all the ways so this won’t hurt.

Dawn crawling up your skin,
flicker of light trekking up your spine…