Everything hurts,
lips trembling.
Hands shaking,
still you’re gone.

Head spinning,
heart sinking.
Memories alive,
still you’re gone.

Better learn to keep on moving,
to chin up,
to smile once more.
Because you will always be gone,
but still the one…


Bruises all wrapped up in a pile,
kisses slowly washing down the drain.
Baby, you said our love was worth for a while,
then why do you inflict me so much pain?

I should know this is no good for me,
but still with you I want to be.
Tell me how to be better…

Endless days and sleepless nights,
always of you there’s been a fright.
Finally I’m up on both my feet,
finally I’ve realized it’s me who gotta leave.

Calling all ghosts,
I’ll let you free.
One night only,
then I pull all the stops.

Calling all demons,
I’ll give you a ride.
Once in a lifetime,
it will all then be said and done.

Calling you all out,
I’ll give you a free ticket.
Go on and poke and pin me.

calling me out,
I need to change.

I need to grow,
after very blow.