Running around,
flowers growing in my mind.
Prayers silently leaving,
your kissed, bruised lips.

Clinging onto the light,
never quitting the fight.

A love like this,
we should have known better,
a love like this,
clinging onto the light.

Hoping to survive,
one more day,
one more kiss,
waiting to ignite.


There’s not enough time
to even grasp how much I do love you,
how your words make me soft.
Nor how your glances reach my soul.

There’s not even a way to tell,
that all I am is because
I’ll always be a better person when I’m with you.

How can I guess what tomorrow brings?
as long as you’re by my side
holding hands and smiling
I know we’ll be fine.

Time may pass
and still no word makes the cut
how do I tell you?
That you do know how much I adore you
with a simple smile
and gentle touch…
But your kisses drive me crazy.

Bruises all wrapped up in a pile,
kisses slowly washing down the drain.
Baby, you said our love was worth for a while,
then why do you inflict me so much pain?

I should know this is no good for me,
but still with you I want to be.
Tell me how to be better…

Endless days and sleepless nights,
always of you there’s been a fright.
Finally I’m up on both my feet,
finally I’ve realized it’s me who gotta leave.

Calling all ghosts,
I’ll let you free.
One night only,
then I pull all the stops.

Calling all demons,
I’ll give you a ride.
Once in a lifetime,
it will all then be said and done.

Calling you all out,
I’ll give you a free ticket.
Go on and poke and pin me.

calling me out,
I need to change.

I need to grow,
after very blow.