Dancing through the flames,
my heart beats anew.
Dawn appearing,
hopes are fresh.

calm inside.
Beating of the drum.

The heart can endure more than you think…


Shadows dancing in the night,
calling from the underground.
Romance bleeding in the moonlight.

Let us dance one more time.
Two hearts, beating as one.

But I know,
the deepest blue,
the brightest red.
Clinging on to your heart,
also looming around your fears.

Still you’re searching for shelter,
when it’s just us.
We weren’t supposed to be this lost.

Still I know,
the fire in your eyes,
the hunger in your dreams.
Building up inside your gut,
draining from you every dawn.

But it’s only us,
and how come,
you still mumble for words
and we never got found?

Running around,
flowers growing in my mind.
Prayers silently leaving,
your kissed, bruised lips.

Clinging onto the light,
never quitting the fight.

A love like this,
we should have known better,
a love like this,
clinging onto the light.

Hoping to survive,
one more day,
one more kiss,
waiting to ignite.