You think I just don’t get it,
but your words are deep inside my head.
You keep thinking I still play dead,
but I’m just sick of you.

You’re not the one you used to be.

Tear me up inside,
tell me everything was just a lie.
Fake every smile,
just stay around for a while.

Lick your lips,
shake your hips.
Just keep on using
and I’ll keep on losing.

Rip my heart out
and watch it while it’s bleeding.
Don’t talk, just shout,
can’t you see it’s you I’m needing?

Words flying over my head,
my thoughts are still sleeping in my bed.
Don’t try to wake them up.
wake up!
I’ll just tell you to shut up,
shut up…
I’m not in the mood,
and what you’re up to it’s no good…


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