Travel to Firenze, food and art city.


This year I’ve visited Firenze two times already, and I’m going back next week for an art show in the Uffizi.
Last I went I saw Michelangelo’s “David” for the first time, I got really emotional. It’s awe inspiring how he could manage to do something so complicated at such a young age.

Makes you wonder what you can accomplish if you really set your mind to it…


David by Michelangelo.


Detail of David by Michelangelo.


Boboli Gradens at Palazzo Pitti.


Medici Tomb by Michelangelo


Detail of the Medici Tombs by Michelangelo


View at the Ponte Vecchio from the Galleria deli Uffizi.

IMG_2612 IMG_2623

Artworks from the Galleria deli Uffizi:
Top: Detail of the Ara Pacis, ordered to be built by Augustus Octavian, first imperator of Rome.
Bottom: Tondo Doni by Michelangelo.


Palazzo della Signoria.

(Pictures all taken by me or my boyfriend, sorry for the iphone quality of some of them..)

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