Don’t tell me…

Ivan Alifa's Work

Don’t tell me we shouldn’t have started it all,
just because you weren’t ready to take the fall.
Don’t tell me a second time would be better,
I’ve been there once, it’s like waiting for sunny weather.

Don’t tell me you’re not over me if you’re ready to leave,
getting my hopes up and then you got my heart like a thieve.
Don’t tell me it’s hard to keep up with me ,
not if I’m who you decided to keep and be with.

Don’t tell me I’m scared because I already know,
I’m fully aware that my scars sometimes do show.
Don’t tell me I wrong as it gets me thinning,
I believe I’ll be never enough, slowly sinking.

Don’t tell me, don’t tell me it’s done,
’cause I’ll be forever far gone.

(image is a work of Ivan Alifan)


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