Darkness above your head.

There’s never a turning back from the depths,
once you’ve swum in them you’re long gone.
The darkness always follow at your side,
you know you’ll never be alone.

The pain might break up old wounds,
just now and then when you’re blue.
Might not last as long as the first blow,
but certainly you don’t know what to do.

Scars on your body will fade or forever show,
your mind will play along to make you numb.
Patch yourself up with words for a better tomorrow,
make yourself believe you won’t end up dumb.

It may break you but always bend you,
feelings won’t ever truly go away.
They reside with you like a parasite,
sucking your life day by day.

But you will always see a brighter tomorrow,
never aware of the cloud above your head,
You believe you can defeat your sorrows.
You believe you won’t end up dead,
though the doubt is nagging you everyday,
still you don’t know the perfect words to say.


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