Death, Love & Pain.

Death, always alluring, always haunting. Like a presence I can’t really shake off.
Softly whispering my name, softly pretending to be my friend. Clearly avoiding to be called “the end”. But it will never scare me, as it has always been by my side. Like a long lost friend, when my time comes I will embrace it without a shadow of a doubt.

Love, not really wanting to stand up for me. like a dodging ball running down the street. I want it so badly. Badly, it’s lacking scare me every day. Badly it wounds me by not existing. somehow, somewhere it’s supposed to come around, to face me and adore me. I’ve been told it comes around when you least expect it, but be careful you might meet his friend “deceive” first. It might trick you into believing it was there all the while, but it just ran off with your beating heart.

Pain, my best friend since I don’t know when. Always by my side, always hoping I will come back to the dark. Always trying to convince I’m better with it. Expecting me to come back hiding in its arms. Always, there for me, always waiting for my comeback.


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